Shelley J Whitehead

About Me

I’ve been where you are and I have the expertise to help you connect with a life you love and with people you love

Shelley J Whitehead - Relationship Coach

My story

Having personally dealt with the loss of a partner to cancer and experienced the sudden ending of my second marriage, I know how hard it can be to work through the pain of endings and rebuild a life that feels happy and connected.

My experience has led me to the understanding that heartbreak has the unique ability to let you see who you really are and define what you really want. Honest reflections on hopes and dreams buried within the darkness. These are the seeds of hope. The fragments of discarded longing that can now be nourished to help you grow into a life filled with love and abundant prosperity.

I call this your enchanted life, and it is possible.

My approach

I work with three founding principles that form the base of every framework I’ll share with you.

They ensure you’ll feel inspired and ready to look at your life holistically and create small but powerful changes.


Follow a clear daily path to healing, so you can intentionally work through your heartbreak and escape the darkness of despair.


Get virtual hugs and guidance from a network of friends who aren’t afraid of your grief, and who’ll hold your hand when you need it.


Get help with finding small sparks of joy in everyday life, to keep you motivated and moving forwards (even when you feel utter despair).

Shelley J Whitehead - Relationship Coach

professional journey

Using my own life experience in dealing with loss and grief, I have deepened my expertise and professional tool kit over the years with a rich set of accreditations and qualifications. I keep these updated and continue my professional development every year, which includes ongoing personal supervision.

Some of my qualifications include:

  • Certified Life Coach (New Insights UK, ACCPH)
  • Certified Transpersonal Coach (IACTM)
  • Encounter-Centered Couples Coach (EcCT, with Hedy Schleifer)
  • Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Advanced Authentic Self Empowerment Facilitator (ASE)

I am also accredited with the International Association of Coaches, Therapists and Mentors (IACTM)

Having been born and raised in South Africa and now living in London, my upbringing made me familiar with many cultures. I continue to travel and work globally, from Saudi to Singapore, South America to South Africa. Love and connection are universally powerful forces.

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about working with me

Danielle F

New York

“She helped architect a path to healing for me.

I truly believe Shelley was an earth angel for me, and I recommend her to anyone nursing a broken heart or healing from trauma of any kind. I found Shelley, as if by divine intervention, during a very difficult time.”

Mohammed H

Saudi Arabia

“I find myself focusing on skills I learned to get me through difficult periods in my day.

The impact Shelley’s coaching has had in my life and relationship, goes beyond that which I can put into words. Shelley is a wonderful person that made me feel like I was cared for, no matter where I was in life, and she consistently goes above and beyond.”



“Shelley was supportive, calming and non judgemental during our sessions and helped me through a family problem I had struggled with for 8 years. I felt helpless, hopeless and futureless. Since I experienced coaching with Shelley I got married and am a mother to two beautiful babies. I love my life.”

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Get soul soothing support to nurture you as you heal your broken heart.