Shelley J Whitehead


First aid


This workshop is designed to start you off on a healing journey with three practical steps to take for immediate relief from heartbreak.

When your heart is broken, it’s easy to spiral downwards. If you take early action you can transform the pain into a fresh direction.

Turn the corner and get out of your pain.

This workshop is for you if

You've recently been floored

by the abrupt ending of a romantic relationship

You're exhausted

from going round and round in circles, trying to understand ‘why?’

You're wanting help

to get relief from your pain, so you can begin to divert your energy back into YOU

Healing Your Heartbreak

Breakup First Aid

When you’ve been devastated by the ending of a relationship, it’s so hard to stop ruminating over what happened, why did it happen, what did I do wrong, what did they do wrong… all the never-ending doubts and questions that keep you stuck in a rut and compound your pain.

I created this workshop to give you some immediate relief because it’s impossible to start looking at the future when you’re gripped in grief.

The workshop contains three practical tools and reframes which will start to work their magic as soon as you start practising them.

You will then have a clear enough head to know whether you are ready to move on fresh starts or whether you are open and ready for some deeper healing work.

What will I get from the workshop?

This hour-long workshop contains three modules, each with a practical reframe or exercise. The first two exercises are short and easy to do straight away, designed for you to remember and repeat over time until you no longer need them. The third exercise is one you can take your time over – anything from an hour to several days!

The workshop is designed to bring you immediate relief and set you on a path towards a fresh start.

What’s included?
3 Videos

Three videos will take you three steps that will bring you much-needed relief.


Three exercises with a reframe or a tool to help you turn the corner of your pain.

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