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Shelley J Whitehead - Relationship Coach

Break the pattern, heal your heart

Heartbreak is the most isolating, grief-stricken place to land in. The circling and obsessive thoughts can be driving you crazy.

You want to stop thinking about your ex… but you’re checking Instagram to see what they’re doing without you. Again!

You dream they’ll come back, begging for forgiveness… but your heart says it’s over.

You want closure… but nothing is working.

Joining our group coaching program will show you how to escape the cycle of pain and grief. Deeper healing is different for everyone, and working through tough moments together, you’ll gain an unrivaled and unapologetic awareness of your strength, giving you exactly what you need to manifest your ideal relationship.

How this works

Enchanted Life Membership

The first step is to book on to a free 15-minute Discovery Call by clicking here. This to make sure that Group Coaching is exactly the right fit for you and will be your chance to meet me in private on a one-to-one basis to ask any questions you might have.

Our next group intake is now open. Places are limited so to ensure your spot, book your Discovery Call today. The total cost of the Group Coaching Programme is £1493 (which includes the 10 live group sessions; all the video modules and exercises; the comprehensive workbook; the 5 meditations and the private group community access).

Groups comprise no more than 10 individuals, all of whom are seeking support and structure for recovering from heartbreak. I put the groups together very carefully to ensure the fit is right.

All the live online sessions are entirely confidential, with a password protected link. Everyone will have the chance to talk, share and interact, benefitting from the support of the group in a sacred and protected space. 

If you are uncertain if a Group Programme is right for you, I would encourage you to anyway book a free Discovery Call with me, so we can discuss it together. I can guide you to other options if we feel they might be better suited to your needs. 

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Book a Discovery Call

The first step is to book on to a free 15-minute Discovery Call. This is to make sure that Group Coaching is exactly the right fit for you and will be your chance to meet me in private on a one-to-one basis to ask any questions you might have.

Shelley J Whitehead 1:1 Coaching
What you’ll get


A structured programme, running over 10 weeks, focussing on healing your heartbreak, including: 5 video modules; an extensive workbook to support you through a series of in-depth exercises; 5 bonus meditation recordings; access to a private community space.


A live, fortnightly 90 minute coaching video call with me and a small group (no more than 10) of like-minded individuals, all in the process of healing from heartbreak. You’ll be guided to the answers you need to move on and in a space where you’ll feel supported and safe to express yourself and be heard.


Access to a private space (within our Connected Community), for sharing, support and celebration of your progress.


Connected Community: Free access to our wider Connected Community membership for the duration of the programme.

Meditations: 5 supportive meditations to soothe you during your healing journey.

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…via a free Discovery Call as your first step to joining Group Coaching.

Live fortnightly online sessions
5 video modules and workbook
Private group community support
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Keri O

United states

“I discovered Shelley through a podcast and working with her has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. Shelley has also provided a community of support through her workshops and classes. Shelley has given me the tools I needed to move through heartbreak and into a space of self-love and empowerment.

From the beginning stages of fear and grief, she imparts compassion and wisdom in a way that makes you feel safe, important and eventually strong. The online group coaching carries you through the hard times and deliver vision and purpose with which to charge into the future. I truly cannot say enough about both the experience and the brilliant woman behind it.”


asked questions

When is the next Group Coaching session opening?

We are now taking bookings for our September groups. If you are interested in joining the group, I would recommend you book a free Discovery Call as soon as possible as places are limited.

What is the cost of the programme?

The total cost of the programme is £1493. This includes the 10 fortnightly coaching sessions, the video modules, the workbook, the private group online space. On top of that you also have the bonus meditations as well as free access to our wider Connected Community.

How do I know this is right for me?

I have run group sessions for many years and know how to make sure that everyone feels welcome, included and important. It doesn’t even matter if you are shy and it doesn’t matter if you are nervous – I ensure that the experience is a comfortable and healing one for you. If, however, we mutually decide on our Discovery Call that this programme isn’t right for you, I will help you work out alternative options for your healing journey.

Does it matter what stage I'm at with my heartbreak?

Wherever you are on your journey, you can benefit from the support of others. I have found that it can be of real value to a group to have people at different stages, whether it’s the darkest days of your grief or when you are starting to get ready to date again, you can gain valuable insights and support.

How do I book in to the programme?

In order to book in to the programme you need to book a free 15-minute Discovery Call with me. This to ensure that Group Coaching is exactly right for you. 

What happens if I can't commit to all the live fortnightly group sessions?

That’s totally fine. There is so much to benefit from in this programme (including all the video modules), that if you miss some of the sessions that won’t hold you back. You will also have access to the private community space where you can post questions for me which I will ensure I answer for you, whether or not you can attend the live video calls.