Shelley J Whitehead

Where you are most likely to find a single man

10 April, 2014

When it comes to Dating, and finding Mr Right, I often hear the laments “I don’t know where all the good Single men are hiding!”

Well, one thing is certain – it’s unlikely that they are going to be knocking on your door. You are going to need to make a plan and get out there where they are guaranteed to be.

So without further rambling on about what, when and how – here are the most likely venues and places that hundreds of the single women I have coached over the past seven years have happened to find a date that in some cases has led to a long term commitment.

The following venues are great for meeting single men. Yes, check if he is single, because married men frequent these places too. If you are open to making new friends and enhancing your circle, take action after reading this blog.

Tantric Workshops

Tantric workshops do not involve getting naked – its about connection and real connection starts with yourself. It’s impossible to feel and be truly connected to a partner if you are not connected to you! A great place to meet men who are interested in deeper meaning

Salsa and Dance classes / clubs

If you live near a large town or in a city, you are certain to find a Salsa or alternative dance class.  If you are an early morning person or an evening person there are dance classes scheduled to meet all your requirements. Research and book one today.

Motor and Boat Shows

Men love toys and Motor show, Boat Shows, Outdoor Adventure and Camping exhibitions are fertile ground for finding single men.

Sushi Bars

Sushi bars are filled with many singles grabbing a quick bite to eat.  Put your phone away and be open and available for conversation

Singles Vacations … not rocket science.  Where would you most like to holiday this year?

Computer and Electronics Shops

Check to see if  he’s wearing a wedding ring.  It doesn’t guarantee that he’s not married, but it’s a good start to ask for his advice. Most men love to help and give advice.

DIY Stores

Wandering down the isle of some DIY store is the single man looking for some gadget or item.  Smile and ask him:  “Can you help me with this?” Make a man feel like a knight in shining armour and he’ll definitely think it’s his lucky day! Plan in advance what you will need help with.

Although I’m not single, I needed some help lifting really heavy bags of potting soil into my car a few weeks ago.  Two men were walking past and I used those exact words. “Can you help me with this?”  They happily stopped and instantly became my heroes.   You should have seen the smiles on their faces when I said so.

Wine Tastings

Get a group of friends together and book a fun evening out tasting wines.

With all the opportunities available to meet a man, be open, random, supportive and most of all – Authentic.

Wishing you much success


Shelley J Whitehead
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