Shelley J Whitehead
Are you involved in a secret relationship?

30 May, 2014

Are you involved in a Secret Relationship that is meeting one or more of your Six Human Needs?

Does it give you Certainty?  Does it give you Variety?  Do you feel Significant?  Does it meet your need for Love and Connection?  Are you Growing and Contributing because of this relationship?

We will very often compromise our Values to meet an unmet NEED.

The most important relationship we have on the planet is with ourselves.  Being honest with ourselves is vital in creating a life that we love and value.

We cannot blame anyone for how we feel, for our fears, our past, our issues, our limiting beliefs.  We cannot expect anyone to be the way we want them to be.  We can however, change our Attitude when a situation isn’t working for us.

If you are involved in a Secret Relationship with someone, ask yourself how it is serving you, and how is it not serving you.  Does it harm you?  Does it harm anyone around you?  What would happen if they found out?  Are you prepared to face the consequences of this happening?

There are choices and there are consequences, it’s the law of the Universe.  We’ve heard that  “What you sow, you will reap”, the principle of Cause and Effect and I really believe that there is no escaping it anywhere. Call it Karma, call it anything you wish,  I have personally experienced being on the receiving end of what I once upon a time gave out and made a firm promise to myself to only give what I would truly love to receive more of in my life.

Just close your eyes and for a few minutes imagine that if  tonight, as you were sleeping, a huge, wonderful life changing miracle occurred, and when you woke up tomorrow morning, your life would reflect this wonderful huge miracle.  Tell me, what would be happening in your life?  What would you be seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling around you?  Who would be in your life and what would you be doing?

What changes can you make right now to make your miracle life happen?  Take 3 things; write them down and TAKE ACTION TODAY.  Elephants are eaten bit by bit.  Relationships are healed little by little.  Awareness is the key to all change, and when we take RESPONSIBILITY for what is manifesting in our lives and stop BLAMING others, the first step is possible.

Wishing you success in creating successful relationships


Shelley J Whitehead

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