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Healing Your Heartbreak

28 Days to Transformation

Cover of Healing Your Heartbreak Book by Shelley J Whitehead
About the book

Healing Your Heartbreak takes you on a transformative journey out of the depths of heartbreak and into the vibrant sunshine of a renewed sense of self. Award-winning relationship coach Shelley J Whitehead’s proven and meticulously crafted steps weave profound insights with practical exercises.

As an inspiring and soul-nurturing guide, the pages resonate with the wisdom and comforting spirit of an understanding best friend ‒ one who feels your pain but can light the path to healing. With Shelley by your side, the scars of heartbreak will begin to mend with each step you take. Your relationship skills will begin to flourish and you will be able to open your heart to love again.

Designed as a 28-day odyssey, the steps can be taken consecutively in a single sprint or at whatever pace feels right for you. The key is the sense of continual progress ‒ taking your time to put one foot in front of the other. As you traverse this sacred journey, you’ll be equipped with newfound wisdom and a powerful sense of aliveness. You’ll find yourself not merely healing but thriving.

A poetic tapestry of soulful guidance, this book promises not just recovery but a magically beautiful metamorphosis.

About the author

Shelley J Whitehead is an award-winning  relationship coach who combines personal and professional experience with deep insights into love, loss, and personal growth. She was born in South Africa and now lives in London, where she helps people transform their heartbreak into a new life of love and connection.

Shelley has faced loss herself, from losing a partner to cancer to ending a marriage, and she knows how to use these challenges as opportunities for growth and discovery.

She has a variety of qualifications and accreditations in coaching, hypnotherapy, and NLP, and is a member of the International Association of Coaches, Therapists, and Mentors (IACTM).

Shelley J Whitehead - Relationship & Heartbreak Coach

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